As you can see from the photos, I've been taking pictures since I first persuaded my Dad to buy me a Kodak Instamatic when I was 11, a 133 if I remember right. I was just 8 when my older brother and I badgered him to go to Brands Hatch, the BOAC 500, where Jim Clark should have been in the Ford F3L but unfortunately he went to Hockenheim instead. In those days there was a small boy sized hole in the fence to the paddock and we had easy access to the cars and drivers there; if I had my way that would be a compulsory feature at all race tracks.

When I finally had the Instamatic, the fixed lens and shutter speed taught me how to pan, and with film very limited I had to learn quickly. I only wish more film had been available. Soon I acquired a Zorki4, then a Practika LTL SLR. Also I now had access to a darkroom at school and cheap FP4, but less chance to go to the racing.

After school and a foray into engineering at University I became a cameraman in the BBC. Motorcycles were the main distraction, riding and race spannering. I moved to ITV, then went freelance and now, after a career in broadcast TV, I’m getting back to my love of stills.

After working in all areas of broadcasting, particularly F1, rugby union and horse racing, including live shots that many will remember, I still love the camerawork but am enjoying more individual still photographic projects.

I am based in Chichester, please contact me if I can help with any of your photographic or broadcast needs.

Bill Wyatt

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